What Inspires Me…

I get asked (a lot) what makes me to get out and take photos. And I’m here to answer that question once and for all.

Image Them…

My boys. The reason I even picked up my camera in the first place. Looking at my children and how fast they were growing made me want to document every moment of their ever-changing lives. It amazes me that just since Christmas (when this photo was taken) how much they have already changed. And I look back at photos from a year ago and they don’t even seem like the same little people!

I want to help others document their lives as well. I think that is why I am so drawn to portraiture. It allows to capture how people are at just that moment. Forever frozen in time, a piece of their history to cherish forever.

Whether it’s a graduating senior embarking on a new adventure, or a sleepy, squishy newborn, or a loving family taking an annual family photo, I love being able to capture emotions and expressions and give people this one moment in time to look back on.

What inspires you?

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