Photo Quote Friday

PQF1It has been my experience that this very much rings true. We can see someone everyday and not really look at them until we see a photograph of them. I feel like this is especially true with our children (or other loved ones). We see them every day, and go about our normal routine. And it isn’t until months or years later when we see that photograph of our child (or mother or brother, etc) that we truly notice some of the little things that made them so remarkable. In the past, I was HORRIBLE at documenting the everyday. But since starting photography school and having to carry my camera pretty much every day, I am much better at capturing those precious moments in our every day lives. Children do not stay small for long and our parents and grandparents will not always be here with us. So I encourage you, take the time to stop and snap that photo, even if it’s just with your phone; so in the future, you can look back and truly see the ones you love. ~R

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