I Need a Little Pinsperation…

Sometimes you just get in a rut… Whether I’m doing a shoot or making supper, sometimes, I just need a little help. I think the guys that invented Pinterest deserve a medal! I’ve bookmarked things forever, but it was a pain to go back through every single page to find the one I’m looking for. Enter Pinterest…

As a photographer, Pinterest is such a great tool. You can put your own work online for others to see, and you can get ideas from fellow photographers. And having started a Pinterest account strictly for my photography business, it feels great being so organized! Having a board devoted to the different kinds of photography I offer so that my clients and friends can  get ideas for our upcoming sessions is wonderful.

And from now on, when you book a session with me, we will set up a Pinterest board dedicated just for our shoot! We can share ideas and get to know each other better. It’s just one more way that I can serve you.

Make sure to follow ROP on Pinterest!

For now, I’ll leave you a few of my favorite recent pins.




Happy Pinning! ~R

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