A Memorial Day reflection

I am very blessed to live in America. I’m even more blessed that I live within reasonable driving distance of almost every single member of my family. Pretty much any time I want, I can hop in my car and drive and in just a short time, I’ll be with family. I can’t imagine being without them.

Then I think about our soldiers, past and present. Those who willingly separate themselves from those they love the most in the world to fight for their country.  Who can’t just get in the car and drive when they get to missing their families. They are away from them for months at a time. It must take such strength to be able to do that.

I feel like I think about them often. In our small town, we have quite a few soldiers currently fighting and some that have never made it home. It is very humbling to think that these men and women are out fighting for my family and theirs, and they may never make it home to the ones they love.

I hope that I can convey the true meaning of Memorial Day to my children. Not just a day for the lake and BBQ’s. But that it is a very special day to remember those who have fought for our country so that we can go to the lake and have BBQ’s. I hope that I can instill in them the pride I feel when I talk about our country and what an incredible place it is to live. But the reason we get to live in such an amazing and wonderful country is because of the amazing and wonderful men and women who make it possible for us to do so.

One of my personal heroes, and one of the hardest workers I’ve every seen, is my Dad. He is my soldier. I think almost everyone has one in their family. He has regaled me with many stories of his stay in Germany while in service. I am very blessed to still have him with me, but I know many families are not as fortunate. I pray for them and think of them often. May we always be mindful of their sacrifices.

FathersDay04My Dad and Me


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