What to Wear

I don’t know about y’all, but I struggle with fashion. I have an awesome Pinterest board full of amazing outfits and styles that I would love to wear and a few cute outfits in my closet for church or when I dress up to go out with my husband or girlfriends from time to time. But in my day-to-day life, you will typically find me in a tee shirt and yoga pants/capris (that may or may not occasionally make it to the yoga/pilates mat). I rarely wear makeup unless I’m going to church or out on the town. My grocery shopping is done in the aforementioned tee shirt and yoga pants, sans makeup (and usually before the sun comes up). Plus, I have two little boys to chase after and wrestle with, so beauty is mostly at the bottom of my list.

But there are a couple times a year that I actually intentionally go shopping for cute outfits for our family: Easter and Christmas. Mainly because these are times of the year I make it a point to have a family photo made.  And I usually struggle. I tend to spend one whole day (ALONE :)…) shopping for our outfits. And I have the same formula every time. 1) Define a budget. We are primarily a one-income family (hubby is the primary breadwinner), so budget is always a priority for me when it comes to shopping. 2) Pick a color palate to work with. Usually this happens when I find either my article of clothing or the boys’. And I usually try to pick a neutral color and then a couple of accenting colors to work around it. Example: this year for Easter, I knew I wanted to wear the same dress I wore last year, and just accent it a different way. Then I saw some plaid shirts (buy one get one free, JACKPOT!) for the boys that had the color of my dress in it. They also had a few other colors in them, so I chose my palate based off the boys shirts. I picked out an adorable sweater to pair with my dress and a polo for hubby that pulled out one of the colors in the boys’ shirts. And I managed to stay under budget and score a new pair of shoes for me at the same time.

This was our end result: (Please excuse Ian’s face, he said he saw a weird bird… You’ve got to love 5-yr olds! And you don’t even want to see the faces he was making in the other 8 shots of this image! LOL)


I also like to scour Pinterest for outfit ideas. These are some gems I found for summer. And all seem to be pretty affordable.

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These are just a few examples, and I tend to prefer solid colors and small prints, just to minimize distraction. How do you decide what your family will wear in a photography session? I’d love to hear your tips and ideas!

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