Ashley: Lady in the Water session {Knoxville Photography}

This session… Where to begin?! For the past year, I’ve had this concept of a beautiful, long-haired girl in a flowing dress coming out of the water. I had the model picked out for about as long as I had the concept! My lovely friend, Ashley. She is absolutely gorgeous and was just amazing. She was up for anything during this long shoot and the water was COLD. Bless her heart, she was freezing by the time we were done. But she was a total sport about it. I couldn’t have asked for a better day or better model for this session. Lots of times, I get asked to do specific things for a client. It’s very rare that I get to shoot “just for me”. This shoot was definitely just for me. In a way, it’s been a dream come true. To see a year of planning FINALLY come to fruition, is a bit surreal. The few images I’ve posted on Facebook have already received a lot of love and I couldn’t be more flattered. I hope you all enjoy looking through this session as much as I loved shooting it. Shooting this session truly was a labor of love for me and reminds me why I am so passionate about this amazing thing called photography. Much love, R


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