I get asked a lot of general questions about how it “works” when you choose me as your photographer. I’m here to answer all your questions!

“How does  a session with you usually go?” 

After you book a date with me for a session, I block out the entire day just for your session. That way, I can be sure that your session has the best possible lighting conditions. We will shoot for about an hour (or the amount of time you’ve booked for), having tons of fun and smiles.

“What happens after our session?”

After I get home, I immediately download our session onto my computer (and back it up on to two other forms of storage). I then get to work, weeding out all the “meh” shots and narrow it down to the very best images. This number can vary greatly from shoot to shoot, but generally, I am able to pull about 25-35 usable images per shooting hour. But as I said, this is a generalization. Then I edit the images; this includes minor lighting adjustments, color balancing and blemish removal.

“How long will it take for you to edit my session?”

Depending on how busy my schedule (family, business, life in general!) is, it can take anywhere from 1-3 weeks for me to get everything all wrapped up. I typically try to aim for having them done in a week, but sometimes, life happens and it’s just not possible. I will, however, keep you updated on my progress and will usually at least have a “sneak peek” for you on my Facebook page within a day or two.

“What happens after you get them all edited?”

Once they’re all done, I will contact you to let you know your images are done, giving you a personalized link to  an online gallery (which will remain active for two months). With my gallery design, you (and your family & friends) will immediately be able to digitally download any and/or all of your images — as well as order any prints, canvases, etc. that you’d like. If you choose to print your photos yourself, I recommend using a pro-grade print lab for printing. Locally, I trust f32 in Knoxville (I love to support local, small businesses!), as well as mpix. Using a drugstore or supermarket service to print your images will most likely result in incorrect color rendering and lack of sharpness. If you decide to use a less than stellar print company, Rachael Ogle Photography is not responsible for flaws in printing.

“What should I wear?”

I say, whatever make you happy! I tend to lean more towards neutrals with a pop or two of color (but that’s just me). Smaller patterns and prints tend to photograph better, but if you have a bright pink polka-dot shirt that rocks your world, bring it on! Also, I recommend aiming for comfort. You are going to be outside for at least an hour, make sure you’d be comfortable in that outfit for that amount of time. If you aren’t comfortable, it will come out in photos.

2 thoughts on “FAQ’s

  1. Hi Rachael. My daughter, Ivy Wear, was in the Calendar Girl Pageant at Coker Creek Elementary School on November 14. I believe I left my cell phone number for you to contact, instead of my email. My email account was hacked, so I just wanted to make sure I had not missed any correspondence from you. I am looking forward to seeing the pictures! Thank you.
    Amy Wear

    1. Hi Amy! Thank you for this information. I will send a letter to the school once the galleries are ready to view with complete instructions. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions you may have.

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