Hi! I’m Rachael. I’m a thirty-something lifelong East Tennesseean. My husband, Derek and I have been married for fifteen years and we have two amazing boys.  As a young girl, all it took was one click of the shutter on my dad’s old SLR camera and that was it.  I was hooked. From that first image I created as a child to the professional photographer I am today, my love for documenting my family’s history has only gotten stronger. And becoming a mother has made me fiercely passionate about preserving the precious time of my children’s youth in photo form. It’s this love and passion that I bring to every session. Whether it’s your baby’s first days or your annual family portrait, I’m here to make sure your memories will be preserved for future generations to cherish. I want you to be able to look at your images and feel all the joy and love the same way you did on the day they were taken.

*Random Facts About Me*

I love, love, love COFFEE.

I am a self-professed bookworm & sci-fi/fantasy geek.

I have tons of freckles & proudly wear them for every moment spent  at my family’s lake house — the happiest place in the world in my book.

I worked in a cave in high school.

I don’t have any special talents — unless you consider making awesome fried chicken a talent.

I HATE scary movies.

I LOVE oldies music, talk radio, and movies from the 40’s, 50’s, & 60’s.

I have ZERO hand-eye coordination… Or regular coordination for that matter!

I am a die-hard Boston Red Sox fan.

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